Thursday, May 9, 2013

Image of The Day

I like rain.  It possess a sensual melancholy ( to quote a certain Fem Dom in a certain book.) 

and it puts me in an introspective, yet philosophical mood.  Mayhap, even poetic..

Rain . . . rain . . .don't go away . . . come back . . .

Tomorrow . . .

Ok, I admit, not one of my better efforts, however, the simplicity of that old child rhyme strikes a deep chord within.

If it were sunny every day, life would be boring... 



Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Value posting

That's right, step right up, Ole K.B. gonna give ya some bang for your buck.  

Ok, maybe you aren't going to part with the George Washington's just yet, because I haven't told you what I'm offering at CrAzY bargain basement prices.

Ready? Wait for it...

That's right, VALUE POSTING. Excited? I am. Whew, baby, its hot in here.

Hot air, that is...

Part of the deal of being a small fry in a super-sized extra value meal of E-publishing is promoting your work. The old tried and true advice is write...Write...WRITE. Expand your back list, which, theoretically, increases sales and that equals more royalty checks in the mail.

I get that. For me, its essential advice I have to take to heart.  However, you do have to promote your stuff, get it out there in the best possible venue to attract readers. 

If you don't have a team of promoters on tap, what do you do? Well, luckily we live in a digitial age, which translates to accessibility in the form of the internet, and social media. 

Blogging: Yup every-one does it (I'm doing it now and gonna do it again. Sounds naughty, dunnit it?) It's a necessary Evil.  Quite frankly, I'm not a big fan of bloggity-bloggin'. Where do you go? How much do you chatter on your home turf? How long should my blog post be? Does anybody even read these freakin' things?

Twitter:  Short. Sweet. Tweet-Tweet.

FaceBook:  The mother of all social media sites. Yes, you must have a presence here. No.Freaking. Doubt. So, what do you post? Angst-y diatribes against Starbucks for running out of Pumpkin Spice Latte? Your wee little one weeing in the wittle potty? Or just shill, screaming COME BUY MY BOOK and waving an Amazon gift card in everyone's profile pic face?

I think its a little of both. Recently, I was told by those who've done time in the trenches in the 'biz' is to focus on value posting. Don't do angsty or quirky. Stick to the PLAN. Promote your work via authorial type commentary..

Yeah, I can do that, but I'm gonna through in some funky shit along the way.

My advice to all Authors:  Be accessible. Be yourselves. Be the ball.

So, what VALUE have I given you, Dear Reader, today?  

Not much, but this:

Moisturize. Every day. 

Yup, men too. Find a decent product. Lather up.  

Hey, not in the shower, dudes. 



Friday, April 12, 2013

Release Day! Razor: Love's Storm blows into town

Available NOW! 

Razor: Love's Storm

I wrote a blog post Wednesday night to coincide with the release of  Love's Storm today. I liked it. Really liked it. (I know, I sound like Sally Field at the  '84 Oscars) However, as my co-author on the Razor Trilogy, Margie Church, pointed out to me: "Uh, K.B. it's not a term paper on psycho-sexuality in post modern America. "

Right. Time to ditch the tweed jacket with the elbow patches and lose the Hugh Heffner pipe.

One of my hang-ups as an author is I tend to write formally. Granted, if I dabbled in historical romance or wrote a medieval type fantasy piece, I'd be in good shape, but, Razor: Love's Storm is a very contemporary romance laced with BDSM and a rather unique perspective:


It's being touted as ground breaking and yeah, I'm comfortable with that bold assertion. Damn straight. It's not cookie cutter romance. Nor does the story collapse under the weight of genre convention. Quite frankly, it shatters it all over the place. How many novels deal with this extraordinary topic? Very few and even fewer with the degree of emotionally charged, psychological complex narrative Margie and I have painstakingly created.

Yes, Love's Storm has smoking HOT sex and one helluva kink fest that MUST be read to be appreciated. It will make your libido go Super Nova. However, at is core, its a romance. A love story with three people who must confront the obstacles, both personally and professionally, to this new found relationship. It's not all sunshine and lollipops and care free menage sex. Bryce, Amy and Raine could be your next door neighbors. That's how real these characters are presented. And their problems, both emotively and intellectually.

Razor: Love's Storm will blow you away. Mind and body.

Margie Church and I have dreamed up a hot time for our readers. We have a contest planned until May 1st for our fans, old and new.  There will be sexy, kinky prizes along with more traditional goodies as well.

To participate, truck on over to our sexy Facebook page Razorseries_church_cutter for all of the information. I suggest you stop by Margie Church's new blog digs as well to get all kinds of sexy info on the Razor Trilogy and contest here:

Romance with SASS

My web digs:

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Book Shelf: Yvonne Nicholas

From time to time, I'd like to share who and what I'm reading. Writers MUST read other authors. Hell, they have to read PERIOD. Show me an author who doesn't read and I'll show you a writer who isn't worth your time.

One author who you should spend time checking out is the talented Yvonne Nicholas. I recently read her H-O-T interracial contemporary romance, Designing Love. First, the tease-

Book Blurb:

World renowned architect, Devon Sparks reluctantly accepts the job of designing a house for his former lover, who'd betrayed him with his best friend. Still a little emotionally battered, Devon is content to never love again, until Josephine shows up on his doorstep.

Josephine Burnett, a brilliant interior designer, is thrilled to be working on such a big project with Devon. She relishes the opportunity to showcase her talents, but wonders if accepting the job was a mistake in the face of Devon’s rude behavior. Soon she discovers the man behind the cold, hard exterior is capable of smoldering passion…

A passion she finds hard to deny.

Can they break free from their emotional restraints to experience the sultry heat of their love?

I found DL to be an engaging read. I particularly liked how all the characters were flawed, from Josephine Burnett, our smart, sexy protagonist who still clings to a one sided relationship with a disingenuous  lover ( to be polite!) to the object of her sexual  consternation, Devon Sparks, our initially self absorbed, egocentric 'hero.'  The supporting characters are quite colorful and unpredictable, especially  Josephine's gay friend BFF Pete (who plays ALL angles.)

Ms. Nicholas writes with an urbane sensibility which I found quite refreshing. If you are the causal romance reader, you may find some of the language choices a bit of-putting, but I suggest you stay with it, for it seasons the dialog with a dash of contemporary socio- pop culture reality.

The love scenes- SCORCHING. If your libido does not spark reading Ms. Nicholas words, then, quite frankly, you are on life support.

Ms. Nicholas stumbles a bit with ancillary characters that touch on stereotype and a soap-opera- ish 'big' reveal which falls prey to the contrivances of the genre, however those minor hiccups do not detract form the overall enjoyment of Designing Love. In fact, I urge to to 'design' some time to pick up this vibrant contemporary romance!

Buy link:

I also encourage you to follow her sexy blog:

Yvonne's Erotic Universe

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Author Showcase

I'm pleased to showcase an intriguing writing duo, Kameron Brook and Dirk TylerThey have a varied body of work to appeal to a variety of sexual tastes.  Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy these deliciously sexy snippets.

Lil' bit about the authors: 

Kameron and Dirk, a passionate couple in and out of the bedroom, has decided to join forces and bring their erotic imagination to life with words. Their solo stories are electric; however, the works they create together will practically sizzle off the page. Yes, they might live in a quiet suburb neighborhood, but they’re anything but tame and unadventurous. A fact you shall read and learn about soon enough. 

Dirk Tyler: "Voyeur" (Classified as M/M and M/M/F) 
After a long day at a business conference, Nate meets Jay over drinks. Then Brooke, Nate’s wife, gives him a devilish idea.
What happens next is beyond anything Nate could have imagined. Brooke’s sexy, playful mind sets the stage for an encounter Nate and Jay will never forget.

After a long day at the Advanced Technology Conference, Nate headed back to his hotel. Making his way through the lobby, he decided he needed a good stiff drink, so he took a detour into the bar where he found an empty seat at the end. So far there were only a few people in the bar, so it was still quiet. The bartender walked up and leaned forward, giving him a good view of her ample breasts. "Whatcha need, hun?"

"I'll take a glass of your oldest cognac, please."

She looked him over. "Hun, our oldest is a Courvoisier XO, and it goes for thirty dollars a glass. Are you sure that's what you want?"

He smiled and tossed her his company credit card. "Yeah, that'll work. You should probably start a tab for tonight. I've had one hell of a day."

Watching her walk away, he couldn't help but notice that she gave her ass a little extra wiggle. The sudden jolt of his phone vibrating in his pocket snapped him out of his stare. Flipping it open, he saw a new message from his wife, Brooke.

Hey, sexy, miss me?

Quickly he typed back, You know I do, baby. :) He tossed the phone on the bar just as the bartender returned with his glass. He pulled the chilled glass toward his face and gave it a quick sniff. The aroma of mixed spices and oranges relaxed him even more. The first sip went down nice and smooth with a hint of grape in the finish.

His phone lit up again with another message from Brooke. Have you checked your n-mail yet? "N-Mail" was the special term for their "Naughty Email Addresses" that they used to send special things to one another. His mind was immediately flooded with sexy images of Brooke and her girlfriends playing together in the hot tub.

Snapping himself out of his daze, he replied, Not yet, baby, just got to the hotel. I'm grabbing a couple drinks to unwind. He took a final drink and signaled to the bartender that he needed a refill, but she was already on her way over with the remainder of the bottle. Setting it down and handing him his card back, she looked over and said with a smile, "This one's on the guy at the end of the bar."

He looked over her shoulder and saw a younger man with spiked black hair smiling at him. Nate's face turned bright red as he smiled back and motioned for his new friend to join him. There was no sense wasting this wonderful bottle of cognac on just himself.

Nate's phone went off just as his mysterious new friend took a seat next to him. It was Brooke again. Well, the girls just left, and we took a ton of pictures for you, that way you won't get so lonely in that hotel room :)

Kameron Brook: "Girls’ Night Out" (F/F)
"Touch me, Emily. Right here. Right now."
Emily's never been the daring type. Nor the kind of woman who does public displays of affection. But Neeka's order awakens the thrill-seeker hidden deep inside. For three long weeks, Emily has kept her crush on Neeka a secret. Tonight she's going to act out her fantasies and claim the woman of her dreams.

Emily pulled up outside her house and realized she was running late getting ready for her girls' night out with Neeka. The day seemed to have gotten away from her, but she still had thirty minutes to freshen up before Neeka arrived.

After running into the house and tossing her purse on the counter, she made a mad dash to the bathroom, stripping her clothes off along the way.

Pulling the checkered shower curtain aside, she turned on the faucet and waited for the water to warm up. She reached inside and tested the temperature, then slowly stepped into the tub, closed the curtain behind her, and pulled the lever. The water beat down on her ample bosom, teasing her nipples to peaks. The sensation of the beads of water pelting her nipples felt like a thousand licks from a lover. She had the perfect partner in mind -- Neeka.

Her body was on fire, sensitive, and on edge. She looked up at the detachable nozzle, knowing exactly what she must do to take care of some of the ache already building up in her core. Reaching up, she released "old reliable" from its chamber and brought it slowly across her chest. The powerful jets thumped across her breasts and descended while she braced a single leg on the edge of the porcelain tub.

If she had more time, she would have adjusted the power of its stream, alternating fast and slow like a lover's tongue. Unfortunately, she didn't have time to tease her body as usual. She needed relief now, so she twisted the head to hit her full blast.

Over and over, the lines of water pounded against her sex. She braced her back against the shower wall and enjoyed the ride while she conjured up Neeka's face. Those beautiful deep brown eyes gazed up at her while the goddess' tongue flicked, nibbled, and sucked on her clitoris. God, yes, it was Neeka bringing her to orgasm. How she longed to have the woman's face buried between her folds. For now, she took pleasure where she could get it.

Again, "old reliable" did its trick and elicited a scream from her lips. She moaned out Neeka's name again as her legs began to quiver. Her free hand rounded each breast and stopped on her left globe. Taking a pointy peak between her thumb and index finger, she dived into the vast tundra of both pleasure and pain.

When the last tremor of her orgasm subsided, she reached for her strawberry scented body wash and squeezed a hearty amount of it onto her loofah. Using the sponge to scrub away the evidence of a hard day's work, she took extra time to cleanse her sex. A few quick passes through her folds forced another orgasm to soar through her. This time, she had to reach for the handrail to remain upright.

Steadying herself, she placed the showerhead back in its holster and turned off the water, grasping the towel off the rack and drying off one leg at a time before stepping out completely. It was then she heard the front door shut and a voice sound out.

"Hey, Em, it's just me. I hope you don't mind me walking in, but I knocked several times and you didn't answer," Neeka called.
Swiping the back of her hand across the steamed mirror, Emily studied her reflection in the mirror and shouted back, "No, I don't mind. Be out in a sec. Please make yourself at home."

Collaboration by Dirk Tyler and Kameron Brook – “New Beginnings” (M/F)
"Eileen and Mitch have a happy marriage, but they've decided it's time to spice things up. Ashley and Travis seem like the perfect match." 


While Eileen and Mitch lay together in bed, their hunger sated for the moment, Eileen thought it was time to mention a fantasy she had yet to fulfill. Her fingernail, a kaleidoscope of shimmering colors, drew lazy circles around Mitch's nipple. "Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a threesome?"

Mitch's fingers meticulously worked through Eileen's tangled locks. The strands proved stubborn, just like his insatiable wife. "With another woman, or a man?"

Eileen smiled against Mitch's chest, both at his question and at the hardened nipple. "Either, actually."

"I've thought about it on more than one occasion. The thought of watching your mouth buried between the legs of a curvy brunette or redhead has given me several wet dreams. Hell, babe, it's almost enough to get me hard right now," Mitch said with a devilish grin.

Eileen lifted the sheet that barely covered Mitch's cock and laughed. "Almost enough? Sweetie, your cock is almost at full mast, which I'll happily take advantage of right now." Slowly drawing her leg across Mitch's midsection, she rubbed the crown of his dick against her clit, enticing her sex and preparing it to take his full bounty. "So what about adding another man into the mix? Have you dreamed of this type of ménage a trois?"

Mitch felt his cock coming back to life. With his wife, it only took a look, a single touch, and the blood directed its course from his brain to his dick. Even though he'd emptied his cum into her a few minutes before, his body was revved and ready to go another round. Hell, if she massaged his cock any longer between her slick lips, he wouldn't last two minutes once he sank into her warm pussy. "Eileen, stop teasing my cock and ride me, already. You're killing me here."

She ground her mound against his dick, lubricating it with the juices still dripping out. "Will you answer me, then?" she retorted with a smile.

Mitch's face strained to hold in the excitement from the feeling of her arousal moistening his dick. He tried to shift his thoughts to sports, movies, work -- anything to help keep his load from spilling prematurely. He tightened his grip on her hips, attempting to push them lower. "Yes, yes, fuck yes, anything to get that hot pussy on my cock."

Rising up, she teased his cock with the opening to her pussy, then sank down hard. She continued this torturous move to let Mitch know what he'd be missing if he reneged on his promise.

Eileen worked her hips in slow, tight circles. The motion was torturing her as much as him, but she wouldn't allow herself to increase her speed until he started talking. "You better start spilling or I'll be tempted to hop off and pleasure myself in front of you as punishment for welching on our deal."

Mitch placed a firm hand behind her neck and pulled her chest to his. Holding her there, he whispered into her ear, his voice trembled as he began to disclose his oldest and most personal secret to his lover...

Dirk and Kam Collaboration, “Welcome to the Neighborhood” (M/M/F)
Whit and Miguel are happy together, but when Meaghan moves in next door they decide they'd like to add a third to their household.

Meaghan paused her strenuous workout and stepped off the elliptical. Taking a quick glance out the window and toward the house a mere twenty feet away, she wondered if her audience was salivating this afternoon. Just in case they were lurking in the office, she turned around and gave the possible onlookers a nice view of her ass, which was covered only by spandex boy shorts. A pair so skimpy, it had her cheeks peeking out and teasing the gazes she hoped lingered on her.

She bent over, the shorts crawling up even more, and took her time unlacing her tennis shoes. She didn't have to wiggle her ass in doing so, but if either guy was peeking in on her, she was going to give him a picture they wouldn't soon forget.

* * *

Miguel stood in the shadows and swallowed hard. His temptress was back, again barely wearing anything. A fine sheen of sweat glistened on her skin. Damn, he was rock hard watching her body maneuver the elliptical bars, and when she suddenly glanced over his way and did a one-eighty turn, teasing him with an ass molded perfectly to fit his cock, he felt a droplet of come leak onto his shorts.

Yes. He would have her, fill her with his cock, and have her begging never to stop. He cupped his balls and gave them a squeeze, their weight heavy in his palm.

"How long are we going to wait for a piece of that fine ass? She moved in three months ago. What's keeping you, Miguel? Fuck, don't tell me you've gone gun-shy with the ladies."

Lost in his fantasies, Miguel hadn't heard Whit push open the door or step up behind him. His baritone voice broke the room's silence and caused Miguel's cock to swell further inside his gym shorts.

"I don't think a one-night stand will be enough to quench our thirst for her." Miguel reached behind and clasped Whit's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Most importantly, I also need to make sure she'll be okay with us."

Whit rested his head on Miguel's shoulder, a slight smile tugging the corner of his mouth. Miguel never referred to them as an "us." He always assumed Miguel saw them as no more than friends with benefits, and he was damn thrilled to hear Miguel proclaim them as more.

Whit harbored no jealousy regarding Meaghan entering their lives because he too was lusting over her. "It's about fucking time you tell me we're going steady. Does this mean I get a promise ring?"

Miguel chuckled and brought Whit's hand up to his mouth, tenderly kissing the palm. "Sorry, honey, but I assumed since we've only been with each other the last six months, we were officially together. However, if you'd like a symbol of my commitment, I think I still have my letterman jacket up in the attic. It's all yours."

One touch of Miguel's lips on his skin, anywhere, and Whit's cock sprang to action. It was why he'd stopped dating other men. No other guy had this effect on him. They were simply not Miguel. "Okay, I'll forgive the oversight since you're looking sexy as hell, but yeah, get me that coat. Now, back to the outrageously smoking hot woman next door. I think it's time you make your move. It's time. Unless you want me to take the lead after all."

Kam and Dirk collaboration – “Dreams Really Do Come True” (F/F)
Angi didn't plan on sleeping with her co-worker. She was still getting over a failed relationship. However after a night of movies, and too much wine, Angi passed out and then the most vivid dreams occurred. When she woke, she didn't fight the spark brewing all night. Angi took the initiative and made her dreams come to life. 

I hope y'all enjpyed these sizzling blurbs and excerpts.  All of their titles are available at Amazon (please see their author pages for purchase) and Barnes and with the exception of "Welcome to the neighborhood" which is available here:

For more info about Kam and Dirk, please visit them here: 


Amazon Author pages:  


FaceBook author page:


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Author Persona

I am an author, but who am I as a person?

 Do readers care?

 Is it relevant to my craft to say I like rainy days or zombie movies or is it better to keep my likes and dislikes to myself?

 Basically, shut up and write.

I say yes. 

And No.

What, am I a waffling politician too?  God, no. Stay with me now.

Yes, as a writer, I should be writing. Every day. Not wasting time updating my Facebook status or Tweeting Dunkin' Donuts ran out of Pumpkin Spice lattes.

(For the record, I like coffee flavored coffee) 

However, with the rampant use and acceptance of social media, its not necessarily a bad thing that I have become a bit of an addict to this type of electronic interaction. I can reach a broader audience from comfort of my home or while on the go with my smartphone.  Read my my fans are saying. Gauge literary tastes, trends and other data useful to my authorial career.   

And have some fun in between. 

Yes, I may post some frivolous absurdities, or something with more emotional weight, either way, I'm engaged. I'm not just pimping for sales.

I think its critical for an author to show that we are who we are. Makes us more accessible. Hell, maybe more likeable. Yes, we do crawl out of writing caves and yes, take out the trash, change diapers, curse our numbskull bosses and hate the nosy body in Apartment 3G.

I've heard and been the subject of criticisms that as a writer, you have to keep both the persoanl and professional separate.  I say one has to be aware that everything you say and do online has a digital footprint. I subscribe to being prudent, but I done always practice what I preach. Yeah, I've had a  few missteps traversing cyberspace, but I think its iportant to come acrsoo as genuine, not diengenious. If you do the latter, readers will feel a sense of betrayal if they find out you are not who you say you are.

So, with me, ya gonna get the Good, Bad and Ugly (well, not so ugly. I won'y plaster my image all over the Internets.) If a publisher thinks I'm not serious enough or don't have the appearance of writer gravitas, I say, read one of my books. Then send me a Tweet or message me on Facebook. 

We'll talk.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sentinel of the night

Darkness comes-


Shadows blanket-

Inky snow-



Point of knife-

I wait . . .