Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Value posting

That's right, step right up, Ole K.B. gonna give ya some bang for your buck.  

Ok, maybe you aren't going to part with the George Washington's just yet, because I haven't told you what I'm offering at CrAzY bargain basement prices.

Ready? Wait for it...

That's right, VALUE POSTING. Excited? I am. Whew, baby, its hot in here.

Hot air, that is...

Part of the deal of being a small fry in a super-sized extra value meal of E-publishing is promoting your work. The old tried and true advice is write...Write...WRITE. Expand your back list, which, theoretically, increases sales and that equals more royalty checks in the mail.

I get that. For me, its essential advice I have to take to heart.  However, you do have to promote your stuff, get it out there in the best possible venue to attract readers. 

If you don't have a team of promoters on tap, what do you do? Well, luckily we live in a digitial age, which translates to accessibility in the form of the internet, and social media. 

Blogging: Yup every-one does it (I'm doing it now and gonna do it again. Sounds naughty, dunnit it?) It's a necessary Evil.  Quite frankly, I'm not a big fan of bloggity-bloggin'. Where do you go? How much do you chatter on your home turf? How long should my blog post be? Does anybody even read these freakin' things?

Twitter:  Short. Sweet. Tweet-Tweet.

FaceBook:  The mother of all social media sites. Yes, you must have a presence here. No.Freaking. Doubt. So, what do you post? Angst-y diatribes against Starbucks for running out of Pumpkin Spice Latte? Your wee little one weeing in the wittle potty? Or just shill, screaming COME BUY MY BOOK and waving an Amazon gift card in everyone's profile pic face?

I think its a little of both. Recently, I was told by those who've done time in the trenches in the 'biz' is to focus on value posting. Don't do angsty or quirky. Stick to the PLAN. Promote your work via authorial type commentary..

Yeah, I can do that, but I'm gonna through in some funky shit along the way.

My advice to all Authors:  Be accessible. Be yourselves. Be the ball.

So, what VALUE have I given you, Dear Reader, today?  

Not much, but this:

Moisturize. Every day. 

Yup, men too. Find a decent product. Lather up.  

Hey, not in the shower, dudes. 




Margie Church said...

*shaking my head, laughing* you are nothing but authentic. Your advice is true. Much as you hate the promotional aspects, a little at a time, you get used to it.

Carmen Terronez said...

Omg smdh! You are too funny. Its the reality of it all in e pub. Promote, promote, promote that's how you get heard. I love following authors who don't give a hoot on what they post. Be real its more fun!

I have a great organic fair trade moisturizer ;-)

Nichelle Gregory said...

Mmmmm...pumpkin spice latte.

Informative, fun post, Kb! Promoting is tough work. It takes some finesse, flair and a lot of consistency to see any results, I think.

This was indeed a 'value post'.

kbcutter said...

@Margie- Yeah, I did chuckle a few times whilst writing this.

True, its a bitch to master the art of promotion, but once you do it, it does get easier to handle.

@Carmen- Thank ye for your animated support! Best kind o' fan!

@Nichelle- Thank you, m'dear. I think you nailed it perfectly!