Friday, April 12, 2013

Release Day! Razor: Love's Storm blows into town

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Razor: Love's Storm

I wrote a blog post Wednesday night to coincide with the release of  Love's Storm today. I liked it. Really liked it. (I know, I sound like Sally Field at the  '84 Oscars) However, as my co-author on the Razor Trilogy, Margie Church, pointed out to me: "Uh, K.B. it's not a term paper on psycho-sexuality in post modern America. "

Right. Time to ditch the tweed jacket with the elbow patches and lose the Hugh Heffner pipe.

One of my hang-ups as an author is I tend to write formally. Granted, if I dabbled in historical romance or wrote a medieval type fantasy piece, I'd be in good shape, but, Razor: Love's Storm is a very contemporary romance laced with BDSM and a rather unique perspective:


It's being touted as ground breaking and yeah, I'm comfortable with that bold assertion. Damn straight. It's not cookie cutter romance. Nor does the story collapse under the weight of genre convention. Quite frankly, it shatters it all over the place. How many novels deal with this extraordinary topic? Very few and even fewer with the degree of emotionally charged, psychological complex narrative Margie and I have painstakingly created.

Yes, Love's Storm has smoking HOT sex and one helluva kink fest that MUST be read to be appreciated. It will make your libido go Super Nova. However, at is core, its a romance. A love story with three people who must confront the obstacles, both personally and professionally, to this new found relationship. It's not all sunshine and lollipops and care free menage sex. Bryce, Amy and Raine could be your next door neighbors. That's how real these characters are presented. And their problems, both emotively and intellectually.

Razor: Love's Storm will blow you away. Mind and body.

Margie Church and I have dreamed up a hot time for our readers. We have a contest planned until May 1st for our fans, old and new.  There will be sexy, kinky prizes along with more traditional goodies as well.

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